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Definitely wanted to make a card after seeing the lovely card @kpopandkimchi posted. I see my self in a lot of Kpop artists but if I had to choose the one person that I have the most in common with it would have to be..................

Kwon Jiyongi💕

And no I'm not saying that because he's my love , in all honesty me and GD have soo much in common it's insane. We're both shy but once you get to know us or were comfortable around you..........forget everything because we are the biggest clowns ever! Seriously Were the quiet yet crazy types and I love having fun but like Gd when it's time to get serious I turn into the mama bear and make sure everyone is in line and make sure that everything is taken care of. And I'm super protective of my friends and family. Even though I'm not a huge emotional lovey person when it comes to friends and family I will protect them like no tomorrow. And my love for music has been a life long thing, of course no one is as great as GD but music is seriously my life . Another reason why I would be GD is his relationship with young Bae, like GD me and my Bestfriend(basically my sister) have been friends since we were born and out parent knew each other way before. She is the one person who all through life like GD YB if we weren't together people would ask us where one of us were because of how close we are. But yeah sorry if this was long. Long story short GD is the guy version of me in every way
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I'd be T.O.P he has an awkwardness to him but is dorky at random too. he cares about his close friends like family.