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So naruto is by far one of the most beloved and to date best written pieces of manga/anime managing to capture all elements of a good battle managa plus the traditional value, moral, lesson based style of storytelling from traditional japanese folklore. Here are my top fights though!!!! No real order just some highlights from the years this series graced our lives
TEAM 7 VS ZABUZA AND HAKU NOW THIS FIGHT WAS THE FIRST AND STILL ONE OF THE MOST EPIC TO THE VERY END! For starters this fight is the first time Naruto showed its capacity to be so much more than a battle manga and show. Here we hear the score for SORROW the first time (the iconic deep moment score for the series) and we see foes with depth that make you question who to really ralley behind. In this fight it becomes clear naruto is a battle of perspectives and choices not good vs evil. To the very end this battle was intense! The Nine Tails aka Kurama shed its cloak for the first time. Sasuke's bitch ass got saved for the first time in a series of gettinf lucky lol. Sakura's journey to catch up began. And Kakashi's life seemed to begin repeating before his eyes. Such a good match up and introduction into the real world and deeper themes of the series.
SASUKE AND ITACHI VS KABUTO This fight was the final chapter of itachi and sasukes arc together, but also a conclusion to that long running orochimaru vs uchiha clan type vibe lol. Aside from seeing sasuke and itachi fight alongside each other a lot was finally revealed about Kabuto and why he turned out the way he did. His journey mixed in the climax of this fight was too perfect!
Shikamaru, Naruto, Kiba, Chouji, and Neji vs Sakon, Tayuya, Kidoumaru, and Jirobou.....THIS FIGHT WAS LIKE AN ENTIRE ARC IN THE SERIES TO ME! So much to say but character depth, limitations, teamwork, importance, and so much more themes and life lessons were scattered in this series of fights. Here it became clear every character in the series was going to be important one way or another.
JIRAIYA VS PAIN For those of us who haven't gotten all the way through the series you as well as those who have will know the importance behind this fight and way it may just he the most memorable if not one of the most memorable ones in the manga and entire anime! Just breathtaking to the very end.
GAARA VS THE FOURTH KAZEKAGE Gaara is by far my favorite character in the series because i personally identify with him most on some many levels. To see his battle for closure and finally get the truth revealed about the sand and his mother was priceless! The tears and emotion in this short yet so vital fight was amazing. Here the story comes to a close for Gaara but ends on a high note that moved even me to tears.
NARUTO VS GAARA Hands down the best fight in the young era of Naruto! Spanning dbz battle lengths of episodes minus too much sweating, staring, panting, and charging up for epic portions of the episodes lol...this fight never missed a beat. Bitch ass Sasuke gets lucky again, Naruto displays the most power he had in the entire series at this point. And two jinchurikki square off for the first time in the series making this battle intense! By the time this was over naruto gained more than 85 percent of my respect in one shot. This also marks a turning point in the series where everyones true arcs begin on separate yet equally epic paths.
ITACHI VS SASUKE This like Jiraiya vs Pain is just another one of those fights you have to see and embrace with no knowledge prior. Newbies look forward to this fight and crave it! Otaku who have finished the series remember the panels and the anime and how just mind blowing this fight was. And yet again yes bitch ass sasuke got lucky if you keep in mind at this point we still didnt know the back story of Itachi..-.-SASUKE!!!!
NEW TEAM 7 trio vs Orochimaru and Kabuto This fight was emotionally, visually, and action filled intense. Hell this was probably the craziest one in the emotional department since the battle between naruto and sasuke at the Valley! Naruto for the first time since that fight with sasuke really looses his shit and unleashed the most tails thus far in the series now giving the foxes demon cloak a kind of raw tendon texture that sticks in my head to this day. Orochimaru for the first time seems to struggle hardcore in this battle as naruto almost kills his ass lol. However the pain behind this battle drives it home so much more than the already intense and new level styles fighting seen in Shippuuden.
NARUTO VS SASUKE THE MOST OVERRATED FIGHT BUT YET ONE OF THE MOST EPIC!!! Naruto va Sasuke at the Valley was an iconic benchmark fight in the series that went from the manga, to the games, to the anime, to wallpapers and cosplay displays and just never gets old! No matter how many times the two clashed after this this is the fight that flashbacks worship down to the very end of the entire series. It was always about the questions left unanswered by this clash that shaped all of the plots in one way another for the rest of the series.
KIMIMARO VS GAARA BONES VS SAND! I still think is one of my favorite fights and probably the too one at that for the struggle that ensued between Kimimaro and Gaara. Down to the very end they went blow for blow Jutsu for justsu and though Gaara is my favorite character i gotta say he got bitch ass sasuke lucky that Kimi died when he did cuz i think he would of finished Gaara off early into the series. This is also a benchmark fight in that we get see Gaara's new jutsu and the character himself alongside his sand ninja siblings for the first time since the naruto clash!
So yea there a few of my too fights in naruto! I may have to make a part two but let me know what some of your faves are in the comment section! And if you have a top list card tag me in it or post the link id love to see what you all think! Can't wait for Boruto the movie! Theres a special little intro chapter of manga at check it out and get amped for the final chapter!
this is awesome dude! and gaara v kimimaro is my favorite fight of all time. did you want this to be part of my {NN} giveaway event? cause it totally could be.
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