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So I wanna know, How are you guys progressing in learning this language. I find it very hard to stay motivated. I know 200 vocabulary words along with the greetings and random words from Kdramas. I still can't understand grammar completely or basic conversations.
So I am basically stuck. I know that more people out there know a little of Korean and want to know more also. Korean is such a beautiful language and culture and definitely has some of the greatest food I've ever eaten. If your out there and like me post down below, your not alone in this!! If your someone who has exceeded at Korean or is a native or just has some really great study tips and tricks , please comment also letting us know how we can get further in the language. Thank You!!
So what would you say your level is? Is there anything i can help with @DeniseiaGardner
Stuck on what? @deniseiagardner
@HappyLulie I studied at ucsd and yes they have other language classes as well. If you're still in high school, you can also take a language course in a community college! The grades are transferable to college credit.
Mee too @RainaC3 sorry for late replie i am supposed to be doing homework but you know how it is..
Thanks, I am planning on doing that in collage too. Be a language major. @RainaC3 Which collage you planning on going too?, it's okay if you don't know yet too.
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