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Something about the Patriots brings out the very best in the Giants, who by no means are a great team (nor have they been for some years now). When they face the Pats, though, they always seem to play a great game, even if they come up a little short.

Sunday was no different, as the Patriots beat the Giants on a last-second, game-winning field goal as time expired. Final score, 27-26.

It was a great game, as the Giants snatched a late lead themselves with a FG with under 2 minutes left. But the Patriots came right back and took it from under New York's nose. Classic.
As a Jets fan, there is no team I hate more than the New England Patriots. And to see them win time and time again for what has felt like my entire life is just painful.

They just find a way.

It took a few near-miracles - including kicker Stephen Gostkowski nailing a deep 54-yarder for the win and a 76-yard touchdown to the machine Rob Gronkowski, but the Patriots got it done and remain undefeated.
Giants phenom Odell Beckham Jr. also caught a long TD, his of 87 yards. He's a real superstar and is one to keep an eye on.
At 9-0, the Patriots are one of two remaining undefeated teams. They look pretty much unstoppable right now and it's impossible to avoid thinking back to their near-undefeated season a few years ago.

Do you think they are capable of going the distance this year? Or will they lose a game eventually?

im hoping they lose cause there kinda annoying
They're going to make it to the Super Bowl and choke!
@havic it was definitely a great game!
I bearly watch football anymore but I am a giants fan and watching that game I really got back into it and That so called non int was bs
hahah hopefully they don't win it all @mchlyang, I'm not sure I could watch them do that again