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Are we witnessing the end of an era?

What a strange, strange day for quarterback Peyton Manning, as the 39-year old broke the NFL career record for most passing yards, only to get booed off the field and benched as his team got crushed by the Chiefs.

Peyton went 5-20 for 35 yards and 4 INTs. That's historically bad.

He was injured coming into the game and it's even possible the Broncos only started him so that he could break the passing record while playing at home in Denver. But that's ridiculous. The Broncos need to focus on winning football games, and it seems like starting Manning might not be their best option right now.
It's sad, to watch a player that I have grown up with as he completely dominated the league year in, year out, to be benched in favor of Brock Osweiler.

Maybe Peyton just needs to rest for two or three weeks, and then he'll come back healthy and ready to win.

But the honest truth is that that's more wishful thinking than anything else. He hasn't looked good all season and it's becoming increasingly easy to believe that the super-veteran, who has had countless surgeries at this point in his career, might just be too deep in his career to have a solid season.

What does everyone think? Can Peyton revive his season by resting for a few weeks? Does he still have some gas in the tank? Or is the one of the best quarterbacks of our era - and of all time - just simply done?

He's done. At this point in his career it's going to be impossible to rebound from those injuries like he could have in the past. Once the Broncos get a good evaluation of Brock Osweiler as a starter they can determine who gives them a better chance at winning. Their starting QB doesn't need to be great as long as the defense holds strong. After this year Manning needs to go.
@RodneyYoung i think you might be right unfortunately
dont count him out just yet but its almost that time
I personally think it's time for him to go...