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The coming of the Hallyu Star Lee Min Ho who is famous because of his top famous dramas such as Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste and City Hunter is making Jakarta excited on 23rd of March, 2013. His very first visit to Indonesia is welcomed enthusiastically by Minoz all over the country who can’t wait to attend “IM3 Global Fan Meeting Lee Minho: First Love With Indonesia”. Dreamers Radio had the opportunity to sit together and do conversation with the actor during his visit to Indonesia. The actor who played “Goo Joon Pyo” on “Boys Over Flowers” enthusiastically answer all of the questions that we ask. Let’s check them out!^^ Dreamers Radio (DR): “Annyeong Haseyo Lee Min Ho, we’re from Dreamers Radio!” Lee Min Ho (LMH): “Ah, Dreamers Radio^^ Good Morning!” Dreamers Radio (DR): Good Morning. Okay, let’s get directly to the questions. What does fans and family means to you?” Lee Min Ho (LMH): ” Wah, Good Question! Fans and Family are the ones who always stays by my side and support me on my work, and also my life. Their existence are very important and means the most on my life.” Dreamers Radio (DR): “Are there any memorable event or present that you remember the most from your fans (Minoz)?” Lee Min Ho (LMH): “(laugh) Of course there is. The most memorable event is, there is one time when i’m traveling to another country. When they welcome me at the airport, there is someone who pinch my butt. Wah, i remember that incident the most.” Dreamers Radio (DR): “Let’s talk bout your career that is getting brighter. From all of your characters that you present, which one that you find the most exciting and the most memorable?” Lee Min Ho (LMH): “Of course when i act as Goo Joon Pyo in Boys Over Flowers is very memorable for me. From that role, i get a lot of love from my Minoz. But the most memorable is when i have to act in City Hunter. There are so many challenges and it’s very difficult!” Dreamers Radio (DR): “Difficult? Why..” Lee Min Ho (LMH): “Yes, it’s difficult because i had to learn again how to act with good action scenes. Because i had to do all of the actions scenes and i had no stuntman, there shouldn’t be any mistake.” Dreamers Radio (DR): “In the future, what role did you want to get?” Lee Min Ho (LMH): “I want to go back to high school, i want to act as a high schooler again” Dreamers Radio (DR): “When you were little, what is your dream?” Lee Min Ho (LMH): “When i was little, i’ve never dreamed to be an actor. Instead, i dream to be a soccer player because i love soccer very much. But as i grow older, when i was in my 3rd grade of High School to be exact, i start my training as an actor and i do it seriously. Dreamers Radio (DR): “Is there any of your dream that hasn’t come true?” Lee Min Ho (LMH): “I don’t think there is, but i hope i can be more focus for my acting career and i can do it well” Dreamers Radio (DR): “Let’s fantasize, 10 years from now, what do you see yourself become?” Lee Min Ho (LMH): “10 years from now? (laugh) Wa, i’ve never though of that. But if i was asked to think what i’ve bceome when i’m 37 years old, i would still be an actor. And maybe, i’m already married? Hahahaha..” Dreamers Radio (DR): “Indonesia in Lee Min Ho’s eyes is..” Lee Min Ho (LMH): “Indonesia is a country with warm people. The people is warm and friendly. I’m happy to see houses that are neatly organized here, it looked warm” Dreamers Radio (DR): “When you had a free time, what you usually do?” Lee Min Ho (LMH): “Recently, i had some free time so i do sport or stays at home. Sleeping, watching dramas or playing games! I love to play games, any games especially computer games” Dreamers Radio (DR): “Thank You very much for your time, Lee Min Ho-ssi! ^^” Lee Min Ho (LMH): “Thank You very much..” Exclusive interview that is full of Lee Min Ho finally ended warmly. Besides handsome and talented, Lee Min Ho is a very friendly person and loves to smiles, Dreamers! Let’s hope that Lee Min Ho can go back to Jakarta next time^^” credit:Dreamers radio