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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Answer Is Near by One OK Rock

This is not an actual anime song. However, people have used it mostly in SAO AMVs. Also expecting a Season 3 for the series. One OK Rock is one of the better J-Rock bands nowadays and even have made a name for themselves in the anime community because of this specific song and people mixing it up with SAO. Just give it a try, it's amazing and will easily become one of your favorite J-Rock bands soon enough.
If you listen carefully, you can hear "Kirito" in the lyrics which is why people associate it with SAO. The lyric is actually "Kiito" but I'm gonna believe is Kirito!
Here's an example of what an AMV with this song looks and sounds like and believe me, there are plenty of these out there. You will see that it mixes up pretty damn well with SAO's style and even feel that the song is actually from the anime.

Is SAO Season 3 coming? Do you think it needs another season?

Close your eyes and listen~

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@RaquelArredondo This is the reason why I cant get enough of the song xD @ButterflyBlu Who doesnt love them like seriously lol @MaighdlinS yeah I didnt really like the second half of S2 but I wouldnt mind a S3 to be honest unless they mess it up like S2 :S
And I don't blame you at all hahaha cx
I really liked Season 1 and then failed to find the second season as interesting so it's been bumped down on my to watch list. I'm personally thinking that a 3rd Season might be dragging this one out a bit much but for those that really loved it I'm sure they will be pleased. :)
I'm pretty sure I might have mentioned this before...but... I freaking LOVE One OK Rock!!!! <3 <3 <3 For real! Perfection.
The AMV and the song combined was just astonishing haha well done I must say ^^