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This DIY project gives you a chic and classy way to decorate your home or apartment with some fall cheer. It's an easy way to spruce up your living space with a fall decoration that isn't tacky or too loud. This DIY tutorial comes from the great people at DIY Candy.


For this project, you will need:
-- Leaves (artificial or real)
-- Burlap canvas
-- Spray paint (in three colors — they used blue, red and gold for this project)
-- Small rocks
You can find most of these items in a craft store.

Place the leaves on the canvas

Place a few leaves on the canvas. Then, place the small rocks on the top of the leaves to keep them down while you paint the canvas.

Spray paint the first layer of paint

Use the spray paint to paint over the entire canvas. Make sure the put some newspaper down underneath the canvas to protect the surface underneath your project. Allow the first coat of paint to dry.

Place a few more leaves on the canvas and paint

Put a few more leaves onto the canvas and place the small rocks on the top so that the leaves will stay down. Leave the leaves from the first coat of paint on the canvas as well. Then, spray your second color of paint all over the canvas. Let that coat of paint dry completely.

Paint third coat of paint on the canvas

Place more leaves on the canvas and put rocks on top of those leaves. Then, paint the third color over all of the leaves and the canvas. Let the paint completely dry. Then, remove the rocks and leaves from the canvas.

Put up the leaf-stencil art up in your living space and enjoy!

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