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The Saturday night of Indonesian Minoz on March 23, 2013 became extraordinary due to an amazing guy visit to Jakarta after years been waiting for. Lee Min Ho, the guy who dazzled tons of ladies and even guys after his performances on dramas like Boys Before Flower, Personal Taste, City Hunter, and lastly Faith, came to Jakarta, Indonesia on March 22 to greet his Indonesian fans on Lee Min Ho Global Fan Meeting First Love…with Indonesia. The star was up to the stage meeting his fans officially who had been in the venue since afternoon with his soothing voice singing a slow song to serenade the fans. He then greeted the fans officially and answered some questions in a Q & A session. However the important question was not asked on the session, what is Min Ho’s ideal type of woman? As he was answering the question, fans were asked to stand up and sit once the criteria isn’t match their selves. Seven lucky girls chosen to battle it out as Min Ho’s ultimate ideal girl. One ideal girl wasn’t enough for him as he wanted to choose one more for the best fan on the night. The show went on with videos from fans who showed Indonesian cultures to be taught to Lee Min Ho. There are ampar-ampar pisang, saman traditional dance, and angklung performances and the fans who were showing them called to the stage to teach Min Ho directly. Lee Min Ho was out for a few minutes and out singing once again which ended by a heartwarming letter to Indonesian Minoz. After touching fans with his letter, Min Ho was touched by his fans with special videos presented by Indonesian Minoz for thanking him who finally comes to Jakarta. The night ended with another soothing stage performance by him singing his song ‘My Everything‘ which is Boys Before Flower OST. credit:choiyu
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