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Everyone in the game of yugioh worries about the backrow every once in awhile. Even the high level tournament players do, they just show it less. Those that say they aren't worried, have a back-up plan. Silver Sentinel can lay those plans to waste. Silver sentinel is a level 4 earth warrior with 1500 ATK and 1300 DEF. His stats may not seem like much, but his effect is where he really shines. Silver Sentinel can be set from the hand to the Spell/Trap zone. It's a function that few cards have, one that the 'Artifact' archetype was based on. While Silver Sentinel is set in the S/T zone if he is destroyed then he targets 1 card your opponent controls then can be special summoned during that turn's End Phase and destroy the targeted card. This card has tons of uses. A deck that spams out Rank 4 monsters can use him defensively and offensively. Shaddolls can use him as an Earth monster for fusions, plus he is a living tripwire if your opponent is worried about destroying a set El Shaddoll Fusion. U.A. decks can use him as a good warrior for Reinforcement of the Army and help open rank 4 plays. Any deck can splash a couple Silver Sentinels in and have some good defensive plays. Bursting from the set snow to destroy opposing cards, play him if you can, fear him if you must, but at least now you have heard of him. Silver Sentinel is the Yugioh Card of the day for October 30, 2015.
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