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I'm not a huge fan of the serious and little clean anime like attack on titans or sword art online to be honest (nothing wrong with it, just not a big fan. I'm actually more into the dirty comedies like yamada's first time or heaven's lost property or the other anime's I put into this collage. not because I want to see breasts or anything like that, just because I like seeing where the lead character or characters are kinda pervs and do funny stupid stuff and the weird dirty humor and shit like that. but also has a funny and good plot. But I can't find anything like that, so I anyone knows any none serious anime's and dirty please comment. I don't have anything to watch. I also like anime that are super hilarious to the point where tears are falling and your face is red like heaven's lost property, thanks for reading this...
you should definitely watch my bride is a mermaid, it's hilarious. I like what you like so I think you will enjoy it, also look into 7 deadly sins, it's on Netflix
omigoodness... I can't believe I didn't grammar right. disgraceful I am. :;(∩´﹏`∩);: "you're"
lol if your into sweet/cutesy animes, check Ai Yori Ayoshi. if you haven't
kiss x sis
11 eyes, cat planet cuties, I don't have many friends, campione, so I can't play H, infinite stratos, war on geminar, kampfer, sekirei, shuffle.
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