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So. Ya. How many people don't know about my obsession with Kang Daesung of Big Bang? Well, you know now. @Viresse Thanks!!
Now I'm gonna admit, I changed my wallpaper after seeing this challange. I actually tried making a card yesterday, but the app wasn't submitting it. (Hope it goes through this time.) So the first image is my change and the second is what it was before Daesung. I'm rather thankful that Samsung has widgets that are see-through.
I don't really KNOW anyone else rather than my friend Viresse. So, just do it if you want too. It's fun to share. ^-^
Here are the pictures I used without my phone junk.
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I have a huge soft spot for Daesung he's hard not to love he's soo cute , he's the biggest goof ball ever and he's such a sweetheart