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B.A.P is killing me too!
Not only is Vixx killing me but so is B.A.P.... I mean have you seen 'Young Wild and Free'? I have just seen their pictures from Facebook. I am dead..
here are the pictures that will kill you. The group photo - To start off we have our lovely boys looking sexy af! Yongguk - what are you doing!?!? What are you doing with your leg up and crotch on show? You look like your in a sexual position.. Himchan - Peek-a-boo! Jokes aside the stare he is giving is unimaginably sexy! And when did your voice drop low like Yongguk's? When you were rapping with Zelo your deep voice just killed me!! Daehyun - Gah! You my good sir are too rude. Please stop! And never have I ever found a guy more attractive in ripped jeans that Daehyun. Youngjae - He looks like a little cutie! The smouldering stare makes me think otherwise though! Jongup - What the hell do you think your doing? Are you trying to take my life? Because damn boy your doing a pretty good job! There I was thinking Zelo was my bias then BOOM! Jongup walks in looking completely hot from head to toe with blonde hair which I goddamn love!!! Zelo - Baby Zelo... Where have you gone?? It's only been a year ish since we last saw you and oh my god have you become a sexy man! Did you see his abs in the music video? The close up view of his abs. Damn! You have been working out! ooft. STOP KILLING ME GUYS!! I'VE DIED ENOUGH THIS MONTH! GIMME A BREAK GODDAMN IT! Nah I love BAP and I'm glad their back... one message to TS Ent.... LOOK AFTER THESE TREASURES THIS TIME! PLEASE! YOU NEARLY LOST THEM ONCE DON'T MAKE THAT STUPID MISTAKE AGAIN. YOU HAVE A GROUP OF ANGELS THAT DESERVE TO BE LOOKED AFTER PROPERLY!
www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
here is the music video if you guys have yet to see it!
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@BiancaMason the 4th one after the group picture is Youngjae. if it's the 4th including the group photo it's Daehyun