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The series talk about four different couples living together in one apartment complex. Both in their thirties, Oh Do Shi is a voice actor and Ryu Du Ri is a blogger. They simply chose to live together instead of getting married, and have been sharing an apartment for two years. Jeong Yeong Jun and Choi Ji Nyeo are a couple that's twelve years apart in age. Ji Nyeo has the personality of a penny-pinching ajumma and basically supports her younger boyfriend in the hope that he will someday realize his dream, while Yeong Jun is an unemployed musician who carries around a guitar he doesn't know how to play. They've been living together for a year, and are quick to fight and make up. Park Hwan Jong and Ha Seol Eun are in their twenties and have just moved in together. Seol Eun wants her boyfriend to believe that she's the perfect embodiment of femininity, and works tirelessly to keep up the illusion. Lee Jun Jae is a loner who prefers to stay at home, but is forced to find a roommate for financial reasons. He doesn't even want to exchange unnecessary small talk so he advertises for a foreigner who can't speak Korean very well. Enter Takuya, a Japanese guy on his travels. Takuya thinks Jun Jae is wasting his youth, and begins to draw him out into the world.
Oh Jung Se (Oh Do Shi (609)) Ryu Hyun Kyung (Ryu Du Ri (609))
Jung Joon Young. (Jeong Yeong Jun (610)) Choi Yeo Jin ("Man Goo" Choi Jin Nyeo (610))
Lee Jae Joon (Lee Jun Jae (709)) Terada Takuya (Takuya (709))
Park Jong Hwang (Park Hwan Jong (501)) Ha Eun Seol (Ha Seol Eun (501)) (They are a couple you don't see too often in the show so you can see who they are in the lower left photo)
I freaking loved this show!!!! The couples went through some deep times together but also had some really funny times as well. This show was perfect xD
@najalong1998 They should seriously do a season 2. With the same couples or a whole new cast, it doesn't matter lol
@GUMMYB34RZz I COMPLETELY AGREE 200%. That show had a very realistic and relatable plot, and deserves another season!
@najalong1998 Nothing was cliché about that show ^_^