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I just recently started obsessing over K-pop (well BTS cause they were the first group I found) like 2 months ago and I literally know no one that likes k-pop. I tried showing so many people music videos but they just laugh or brush me off. 💔 They don't understand yo.
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If you need to talk to anybody about BTS or any group you can always talk to me lol@LorenaVelazquez
Omg same 😖 I'll be your friend though 😊✨💖
I'll be your friend. Welcome to the Kpop and Army family
I'm here :) and welcome to the family
You can't talk to a fellow BTS fan (me lol) anytime! I actually have been into BTS (my first group) for a while now and I could keep you up to date and help get you out more into Kpop if you want to? Message me anytime💗