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@marshalledgar here are my parents. I wanted to confirm if what I said was right (about the sweeping highlight). I'm sorry for the persistence hahah I just don't want to mess up with defining makeup cx can you help me with that? Thank you in advance!! For people looking at this post, here's a link as to what I'm talking about: Correct Your Technique http://www.vingle.net/posts/1200422?shsrc=v
@jordanhamilton I did this hairstyle recently on my sister (this was before adding the bobby pins). To be completely honest here, this is the first time doing this hairstyle. I usually do the side braid but I decided to do this on her. I just don't know the name hahaha can I have your honest opinion? Thank you in advance as well!! ^^
your parents look lovely! I think for your first time, you did an amazing job and this particular style is called a crown or a crown braid. Keep at it! It looka great :)
great couple! thanks for the question too, I'm happy you asked. based on the photo, your mom looks fabulous. my only suggestion is to limit the sweeping motion from going too far under the eyes. great colors you chose for her. she's beautiful
you're very welcome! :)
@jordanhamilton thank you for the compliment on my parents! And okay I'll write down that name so I won't forget! ^^ Thank you for taking your time on looking at this card :)
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