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@marshalledgar here are my parents. I wanted to confirm if what I said was right (about the sweeping highlight). I'm sorry for the persistence hahah I just don't want to mess up with defining makeup cx can you help me with that? Thank you in advance!! For people looking at this post, here's a link as to what I'm talking about: Correct Your Technique http://www.vingle.net/posts/1200422?shsrc=v
@jordanhamilton I did this hairstyle recently on my sister (this was before adding the bobby pins). To be completely honest here, this is the first time doing this hairstyle. I usually do the side braid but I decided to do this on her. I just don't know the name hahaha can I have your honest opinion? Thank you in advance as well!! ^^
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Thank you very much for the honest opinion! And thank you as well for the compliments toward my mother! I really appreciate it ^^
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your parents look lovely! I think for your first time, you did an amazing job and this particular style is called a crown or a crown braid. Keep at it! It looka great :)
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@jordanhamilton thank you for the compliment on my parents! And okay I'll write down that name so I won't forget! ^^ Thank you for taking your time on looking at this card :)
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you're very welcome! :)
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