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Latinos LOVE (few) for kpop (any spanish speakers )
so ive watched some rude dude vid about his judgement and some hispanica girls dance to kpop on a dance show(sorry couldnt find subs)
this is the orginal vid of the girls (what are your thoughts ?) they looked extremly nervous to me
so i did some youtube searching and i found another group of girls doing "kokoa kiss"
i think theses boys are doing a cover to exo(still new to kpop a little)
(BONUS) "Wolves"
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I think the guy's reaction to the the girls is way uncalled for. He even mentioned that he didn't want to be seen as a bully and that everything he said wasn't suppose to be taken that way, but HE WAS BEING A BULLY. The way he called them 'shit' (excuse my language) is something that you should not say to a group of teenage girls. Of course, there so be told what to improve on and such (that's how they can become better) but to crush them like that. Not okay at all. I personally think it's amazing that these girls and guys have to the courage to go on stage and do something they love. GOOD FOR THEM! Do what you love and be amazing at it.
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@AlmaRangel damn i know right like damn atleast they had confidence
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