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Positivity. Learning to live simply, easier said than done because not many people are with me. Most of them unaware of the plots centuries old made to get me, let alone the fear driven society that relentlessly pit the common man against one another. Not realizing we are hurting our blood brothers, which is merely an extension of ourselves. We rip and run for "wealth" never to attain it driven by the fear of death, I believe we've all been brain-wished I mean brain washed. Constantly watching the clock thats on my left wrist, thinking I've reached divinity because theres amethyst on my necklace. The hands on the watch swirl to form the word "Now" realizing that I was divine even before I even knew how and now I bow, my head in humility. Back to the positivity because its crucial, deeply affected by light, colors, and sounds but those teachings are not what we're used to. Just searching for ways to better my mind, only thing thats relative to me is the time; so my sisters and mother and brothers are just an existence of an over imaginative mind. I know that last line just threw you all off unable to gauge the depth of these verses, and no curses just knowledge in many ways. Never knew how to end these things the words rarely flow, with every pen stroke I leave a hint of my orange aura glow.