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One of the best feelings in the world.

We've all that that sudden urge to take a q-tip to our ear, just to realize that our ears are squeaky clean -- or at least that's what we think. According to ear, nose and throat doctor, Leon Chen, M.D., q-tips might feel good, but they do more damage to our ears than we think. The reason we always find ourselves cleaning what seems to be a clean ear is because in most cases we're probably pushing the wash deeper into our ear cavity. "Earwax also holds antibiotic and antifugal properties, and too much cleaning can lead to ear and skin complications down the road, from ear infections to eczema in the outer ear", says Dale Tylor, M.D., a pediatric and general otolaryngologist.
Cutting down on your q-tip problems is much better than using one daily if you can't prevent yourself from using them at all. Don't worry, there's always a backup plan. Because we all want clean ears and the least bit of wax build up possible, theres another option that happens to be more extensive -- but safe. This option is called the oil and hydrogen peroxide option, which Dr. Dale Tylor recommends herself. Keep scrolling to see the necessary steps to take below.

Oil And Hydrogen Peroxide Routine:

Step One: "Once a week before bedtime, fill an eyedropper with olive, mineral, or baby oil."
Step Two: "Put up to three drops inside each ear, and massage the triangle of cartilage that covers your ear to coat your ear canal. Follow up with a cotton ball to keep the oil off your pillowcase."
Step Three: "The next day when you're in the shower, place hydrogen peroxide on your hand and rub it into your ear. [the peroxide will bubble out, taking the softened wax with it and leaving you wax- and worry-free]."

Here's to clean ears and putting safety first.

Check out the clip above from HBO's hit series, Girls, to see why q-tips are more harmful than you think [Viewer Discretion Advised].
I couldn't watch lol. I haven't cleaned my ears with Q-tips in so long anyway. What happened in the video?
Yeah, qtips are scary! That's happened to me before. The worst pain ever 😖 @MichelleHolly
The clip shows why, if you do clean your ears out with a qtip, you get someone else to do it😯
Haha! Yeah, it's a bit gruesome well not really. But she basically digs too deep and her ear starts bleeding @KiKi29