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“You Honk We Drink” The Laziest, Funnest Drinking Game on Earth

You’ve got your classic quarters, flip cup, beer pong and many other drinking games, but “You Honk We Drink” kicks ass on them all...
This has to be the laziest most interactive beer drinking game on the face of the earth. What’s better than to cheer your fellow neighbor with a lift of your cup to the honk of their horn and get ripped. Everyone has a freaking blast, including the one honking the horn... So, have you ever played this game? Tell me more, I have never played it but I really want to. :)
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yeah, here in my town that would be the problem as well, in the capital... well only buses drivebin the city haha :) @danidee
I think if they were by the colleges though, everyone would be like HONKHONKHONKHONK.
yeah, I think this could be the best situation:) @danidee
I have a feeling it would be a popular game down South. Sorry if I insulted any southerners.
I wish I were there. haha @missvicky69