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If you have not seen this film, let me just tell you, you should. Especially if you identify with these criteria:
1. Enjoy low key, light plot, movies where you get to see the characters grow.
2. Enjoy said light plot presented in a comedic way, with an underlying serious undertone.
3. Love gorgeous cinematography
4. Seek a happy ending with the implication of a romance.
5. And lastly...you're
If for some reason you find this movie boring, I hope it's
I'm sure you're wondering now, what's this movie about?
It's the story of a man who is overwhelmed by life and decides to take it by jumping off a bridge. The problem?
You see that land under the bridge? He has the atrocious luck... or perhaps this is particularly fortuitous... to wash ashore on this island. Tiny spoiler: You want to know why he can't get back to shore? He can't swim
Cue the female lead.
She has not left her room in 3 years. During the day she plays an online game using multiple fake photos with the mindset that
At night, her hobby is to take photos of the moon. Specifically because no one lives on the moon.
It just so happens that the only day of the year she looks out when the sun is out is on the 2 days South Korea practices an air raid drill. It just so happens that she catches sight of this
And begins to document his existence instead of the moon.
During this time, he has made his home on this island.
Eventually he even begins to enjoy this way of life.
Eventually, her fascination with him leads her to actually go out at night,
And send him a message in a bottle. She can throw the bottle off the bridge onto the island.
They start to send messages and this begins to open the female lead up to the world.
It's a pretty realistic portrayal of what would happen if you were stranded on a miniature island in the modern era. I wholeheartedly enjoyed it and it's currently on Dramafever if you have a premium subscription. If you don't, I'm sure you can find it somewhere ;)
Hi everyone! I’m Star, also known as romcomkdramafan on Tumblr. I’m sorry this profile isn’t more interesting but it’s hard for me to be funny when talking about myself without numerous expletives and making no sense. As an almost constant rule, if what I’m reading or watching does not have romance, I usually do not even start it. Usually the only time there’s an exception is when it is about family or is an action thriller. I will admit that sometimes a drama is better without the romance. To me, romance is not supposed to detract from the value of a drama. It does not have to be the main purpose. But it should be one of the many add ons that make a particular drama special. Why am I so obsessed with romance? I have no flipping clue. Well, that’s sort of a lie. I love that even though there’s a general plot for romantic interactions, that does not mean the journey, the way of telling the story, has to be the same. It’s like if every story had an evil stepmother with a birth secret that involves a murder, kidnapping, miscarriage, and sending someone to prison. Obviously this would usually not work. It’d be too dramatic, possibly unbearable. However, if written properly, this mixture can actually turn out wonderful. I have no idea if a wonderful plot involving those elements has been written well, although I’m sure it has (if you know of one, feel free to tell me). Usually I read historical romance novels. Karen Hawkins, Julia Quinn, Celeste Bradley, Teresa Medeiros; they are my book goddesses. I also have an undying oath to love everything Sherrilyn Kenyon writes and to worship the ground she walks on. My summer before college I started reading manga, and the one that kept showing up on romance lists was Itazura Na Kiss, but due to the author dying, the manga did not really get a chance to finish. Despite this, the husband of the artist helped complete the story, which helped spawn an anime. In my search for the anime, I also came across the live action. Now personally, the anime left a bad taste in my mouth so I was not ready to jump back in to that particular plot. So I found another live action. Hana Yori Dango. I loved it. I wanted to forever see Matsumoto Jun’s face, whether he was pouting or fighting the world. In 2014, my first semester of college, I finally had access to Wi-fi, a commodity that as someone who lives in a rural area, I was not previously not able to achieve. This immediately made me seek out something to watch, preferably for cheap (college is just too expense). I discovered the wonder that is Dramafever and Viki. Though I will admit that the FUZE, FLAVOR CHARGED ICED TEA commercial still makes me duck for cover. I swear I heard that commercial at least 1000 times. You’d think they would have multiple commercials, but NOOOOO, drive a person crazy why don’t you. My first official kdrama was decided by my roommate. I read off a list of high rated dramas and she said Coffee Prince. From that moment, my roommate’s random decision changed my life. I hate to love her for it. To this day, Coffee Prince is on my Top 10 list, at the very top. Tied with Healer and Reply 1997. It’s not just my favorite because it was my first either. It isn’t that drama I remember fondly and refuse to take it from its pedestal because it’s the reason I’m here. As a reader or watcher, you either have realized, or soon will, that what truly makes a great story is when it is just as good, if not better than the first time you were exposed. I rewatched Coffee prince almost a year after I first saw it, with my mom. I still couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. It still gave me that indescribable giddy feeling. I still inhabited those characters and felt for them. Any drama that does that is a keeper. I’m not much of a rewatcher unless I’m doing it to expose others to them. There’s probably a link somewhere to my favorite dramas list, favorite OTP’s and the like. If there’s a drama I’ve watched that you want to fangirl over, or if you would like a dramawatching partner to text or message, tell me. I’d love to have someone to personally message for a drama. It really changes the experience when you’re squealing over the same things. If you do decide to hit me up as a partner, be sure to tell me if you’re comfortable with cussing or not. I’m fine wither way but I do not wish to offend anyone or make them uncomfortable.
perhaps evolution is the process of becoming tastier!? lol! gotta watch this now, thanks!
this movie is hilarious mostly b/c you can't imagine that ever happening!!! i really liked it!
Hahaha I feel ya! 😆 I am always down for recommendations on films or dramas. It's really fun for me to see how others interpret and are affected by plots and character developments and stuffs hehe. Tag me anyyyyyyytime! 😆😆😆
I'm really happy you liked it! It's always nice to know that my taste is not completely unrelatable to.
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