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That sounded better in my head haha I wanted to save this one for the giant maknae and the rest of the maknae line of GOT7. So in order of birth year, I'll start with the 96-er...
Haha sorry y'all, I'm kinda hungry and that pizza looked good😅 but it's Youngjae aka The Sweetheart of the group! He has the infectious laugh and personality that seems to just warm up the room. I'm glad that he's okay after the fireworks incident. Regardless of it, he kept a smile on his face and kept chugging along. Youngjae is the bees' knees! Next is none other than Thai rapper, BAMBAMMMMM
This 97-liner is one of those that is so cute one day and then the next, he has absolutely NO CHILL. Love him all the same😁 Of course all the guys have their own personality and way of being goofy, but I think that BamBam is a goofball just as much as Jackson so when JackBam gets together...it's always fun and exciting to see😂 and now for the birthday boy!
Happy Birthday to Yugyeom! He's 19 in Korea and, according to my best friend, legal everywhere else lol She has been waiting months (that sounds sasaeng😅) for this. Probably because he's been dancing lately as if he is grown😆 He's one of my favorite maknaes! These guys...Making noonas proud everywhere😁👍🏾 I'll post my 30 Day K-Pop Challenge card later today about who I'd want to be my older brother so check it out! It's funny because he's actually the maknae of his group but still old enough to be an oppa😂👋🏾