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"Fated to Love You" Korean Version 2014 20 Episodes
A chaebol heir and a "post-it" girl are forced to marry after their one-night stand results in an unexpected pregnancy.
Jang Hyuk (Lee Gun) Jang Na Ra (Kim Mi Yeong) Love, love, love these two ^_^ They have such great chemistry too.
Choi Jin Hyuk (Daniel Pitt) Wang Ji Won (Kang Se Ra) (She's in the first posted gif btw ) You will definitely love the bickering between these two because I know I did, especially in the scene shown.
Such a great makeout lol. Admit it, anybody that looks at romance dramas obviously wants to see some passion between actors instead of being bored with just the touching of lips or standing still like they are a robot lol. You won't be bored with them in this drama ^_^
This is when I really started to like Jang Na Ra :D
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It's the same for me ^_^
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