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before I get to each characters stats, personality, and my personal favorite personality I will explain what the anime is about and keeping spoilers to a minimum
main character Kanata Is considered a traitor to the Sky wizards and the reason for in the first episode you will notice he's fighting alone after he tells his comrades to retreat to try and hold off the enemy because one of them was injured and unconscious As the anime goes on you start to notice Kanata having problems using magic the reason for is in the fight at the begging he was injured I don't know how never explains no one else knows this and calls him a traitor because he refuses to go on missions and thinks he retreated or ran away when he was needed
Misora Whitale- leader of E601 and a magic swordsman basically a gun revolver sword but uses magic sounds awsome doesn't it Being the leader your supposed to give orders and help keep the team together right well that's her problem she has amazing stamina and speed but she lacks the leading capability and the sword fighting experience
Lecty Esenach- close combat Her stile takes confidence which she lacks she is way to shy as well she constantly apologizes
Rico Flamel- sniper and She is kinda annoying but grows on you she considers herself a goddess which you will notice when you first meet her give her time and she won't seem so bad
E601 Kanata must find a way to train them and get better as a team or they all have to step down as Sky wizards and the way he does it is funny in some ways I tried to do the best I could with out giving any spoilers if you have any comments let me know or one you want me to look into put it in the comments or send me a message
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The original manga is still ongoing from what Iv found I will do more reading to make sure As well pulled this from This isn't solid but it's hope This kind of anime is well received by the audience and always has a sequel. Most likely, we will see the second season come out in the winter of 2016. Since there have been no official statements yet about the fate of season 2, check back with us for the latest news, or subscribe to our notifications to get the release date of Sky Wizards Academy season 2 automatically sent to your inbox as soon as it is officially announced.
@sumthinscary oh so they do plan to do second season. That's good :) I'm happy to hear that :)
That's from a fan sight talking about it it's not solid but the fan base is large enough for them to actually keep it going
@sumthinscary I'm glad it's large. The show deserves it :)