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"Monster Musume" perverted but funny as hell that you will laugh with a nose bleed ~_^
This anime is not really that perverted....take tht back it's VERY PERVERTED! (Sorry but there's no nudity) *gets mad* -.- lol but yeah this anime is HELLLA FUNNY and it's really enjoyable to watch, especially for you horny dirty minded people out there! *giggles softly* Just to make it clear I'm not perverted.....I just have a big and ...wild imagination..BUT yeah watch this if you are into monsters, comedy, and ROMANCE! If you seen this anime already give it a like and leave some comments of what you think and tell these people that it's not perverted *in a sarcastic way* and if you are interested it's on Animefrost.net (good quality) *wink wink*
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