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Honestly, I would have to say Erza, but they're both pretty badass.
she only needs magic to equip her armour really. she is really strong. she owns all her outfits. she can just put one before the fight!!!! Ezra will win no matter where she is at!
@Rockron97 yeah basically, the question still does have to be if attack on Titans has the same atmosphere, magic or Reality or whatever you want to call it of that of Edolas has because they do have a form of magic but it's a physical object so I don't know what exactly that would count as and I agree. Skill has a large influence on it because keep in mind, like I said I Erza fights against wizards and giant monsters were as Mikasa really only trains to fight giant monsters and even though they have the one weak spot on their neck that's still pretty large spot to hit! And when they are fighting on the ground with your friends out against someone who knows what she's doing I don't think would take long for Erza to win, I mean, I don't want to bring up Nakama armor/power, but she legitimately used it to defeat one of the Grimoire Heart (can't remember his name for the life of me) despite many of them being unconscious on the other side of the island, as the saying goes, friends will always be with you on your heart. As for the Superman idea, I get sure your going, but the Vanish Brothers mentioned that kind of thing at Duke Everlue's mansion, saying most wizards are physically weak, but he easily took on their Heaven and Earth attack... so I guessies its up for speculation. This round is a draw! We should do this again.
馃憤Exactly. For fun. 馃憪I'm not sure that magic physically exists in AOT.馃敟 Erza might be handicapped in Mikasa's world.馃崈馃弮And YES, Mikasa wouldn't have fuel in Fairy Tail, but she only needs fuel for transportation, not her sword might. LOL. It's all about skill.馃敥 I'm along the lines of how in the 馃審DC Universe, Kryptonians like Superman don't have any superpowers on Krypton馃挭, but only on the Earth, because "the atmosphere is different."鈾↖ think we're both saying that the winner depends on where they fight. 馃檶馃拃The magicless AOT, or the fuelless Fairy Tail. 馃憿馃敍馃憻@AdamDean
@AdamDean Well, if Mikasa was in the 馃惒Fairy Tail universe, she could probably do the same thing. 馃敧馃挩 The point is that AOT is in a realistic universe馃寵 ,and Fairy Tail is more of a fantasy world馃寷. The PHYSICS...will change. 馃挮 Air pressure won't cut through steel no matter who tries if you're in AOT. 馃挜The PHYSICS...won't allow it. 馃憪You know what I mean?馃審
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