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I'm in high school, and my locker is filled with exo things. And every day people come to my locker and say mean things like, "They look like girls!" "They look gay!" "They are ugly as f**k!"
And I'm like, "why are you saying bad things about something you don't normally see?" I like my own things, and they like their own things and people have to respect that! People won't see me saying bad things about One Direction or Five Seconds of Summer!
I know most people go through this kinda stuff all the time. And I'm here to say..I feel you. But I'm also here to say just because they say stuff like that, doesn't mean you have weird taste in music/guys, it mean you have a unique taste! To go for something that's really out there!
Anyway I hope you likep this, and remember be yourself, and don't let people put you down! Normal is overrated.~❀
Same, many of my classmates say they look like girls, and I'm just like "πŸ˜‚ you're just jealous they look prettier than you"
Exactly! Thank you!! People always hate on kpop and yeah it doesn't get really annoying when they just diss it but it takes a real special person to be able to listen to kpop!
They just need to stfu and stop being like tht I bet they're mad tht they're so famous their taking and their hella attractive and if they don't like their music they can shut the fuck up and go somewhere MUSIC IS MUSIC it doesn't matter where it comes from like ignorant idiots aren't worth anythingπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
I have noticed that this has a lot to do with racism. My own theory is that the west (especially America) sees Asian goods as cheep and tacky. So when they see things like music and movies from the east that bigotry translates over. Just how people are mocked for wearing tacky things, they are also mocked for liking "tacky" things. It's sad, it's disgusting, it's racist and I love how these same people will claim not to be racist at all.
forget the haters. I've dealt with them in high school and they caused me hell. but, in return, I became stronger. I'm 22 and, sometimes I feel older than I look. I have the mind of a 25 year old. be the survivor, not the victim.
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