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@Nicolejb is another of the "Secret Character" winners and will make her appearance as a deciple of Master Versaga. She is a bubbly and happy go lucky adventurer who has been trained in the arts of healing and foresight. Don't take her lightly as this makes her an almost impossible opponent to beat. On the slight chance you manage to land a hit, she'll just fix herself right up and keep coming.
@shannonl5 once I get this story really rolling you think you could help spread the word? you're popular and I want to one day soon hire my otaku friends and help them kick start awesome careers of their own. the otaku is talented but too often over looked
@nicolejb so you like the look? put some serious thought into it lol
he taught you how to see the future and how to use magic to heal. as for the rest I come up with it as I go XP but I can tell you that you will be a key part of the stories comedic qualities lol
@nicolejb Well I had to make you epic lol plus Master Versaga is amazing and thought your have fun being his student xD
@Lorena13 I was the only one out of my siblings to do it so I always won XP
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