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who is your favorite justice league character and who do you like the least? my fav will always be the batman and the flashโœŒ and the person i like the least or you can say hate is superman no disrespect for the fans that love him i jus hate him for a personal reason i might change my mind also idk about aquaman but i dont know if i like him that much.
@Thatperson512 haven't read anything solid but the rumor mill is going and they've made quite a bit of Coast City / Hal Jordan references on arrow and flash so here's hoping ๐Ÿ˜Š
@Thatperson512 I know! I can't wait plus there's rumored to be a GL tv show in the works ๐Ÿ˜„
@briantaylor @thatperson512 yeah i see what yall mean the fan base its nuts over him but look passed that batman is a great hero that actually have pity for others( when he feels like you deserve it that is)
Die-hard Green Lantern fan myself :) umm least favorite probably batman but more like what @Thatperson512 said it's mostly due to the fan base, second favorite probably Aquaman .
@thatperson512 lol ik what u mean yeah i guess u can say. that ppl do get too excited for batman lol what about superman what do you think about him?
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