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I like zoro because he became a good and strong swordsman just like he promised. He also kept his promise to luffy about never losing ever again. He os really cool and always sleeps alot, he also likes to drink. That's one of my favorites.
There's alot to like about luffy. He is kind hearted, always keeps his promise, saved many lives, and met new friends along the way. I also like how much he obessed withh meat. He went through his good moments and his bad. He witnessed Ace's death right before his eye's and remembered that he still has the rest of his nakama. Then later on when he went to dressrosa, he met his brother sabo after all the years luffy thought he was dead.
I like ace alot because he was always by luffy's side ever since they were kids. Ace used to always run away from luffy but in yhe end they became good friends and the best of step brothers. Ace is very strong and funny just like luffy and sabo.
I like sanji because like the others, he's strong and funny. Except sanji is a pevert. He is a great and faaaabulous chef and anyone would be lucky to have him on their crew.
i like this cutey because he is small but strong. he is the cutest and best docter i have ever seen in a anime honestly. He is also funny and weird and knows how to make any sick person better.
last but not least, law and doffy. I like law because he kinda reminds me of sasuke. Always acting cool. i find law awesome and fearless. He lost an arm but he still kept fighting. doflamingo, i actually just like him because of his fabulous ness (>///<)
i also luv them all i just got tired of typing馃槀
I looooooove them alllllllll
Ace and luffy looked so much alike there. Almost too much alike
Favorite 3 for me are Luffy, Zoro and Brook
Shanks, Sabo, Akoiji, Jinbei and Kid! :)
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