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1. I love K-Pop ~ I wouldn't be here if I didn't lol. 2. I love K-Dramas ~ It goes hand in hand with #1 right. 3. I love to sing. ~ I have a decent voice. 4. I love reading. ~ I have a nice size personal library. 5. I like to RP. ~ Yes it's true.
6. I have a corset obsession. ~ Don't ask why. I just do. 7. I collect Nightmare Before Christmas. ~ Proud of it! 8. I'm single. ~ It's easier. 9. I'm a single mom. ~ A little new to this role but I'm trying my best. 10. I love my Native American heritage. ~ Yes!!!!
11. The orchid is my favorite flower. ~ They are just so pretty. 12. Amy Brown is my favorite artist. ~ Her work is exquisite. 13. Labyrinth is my favorite movie. ~ I loved it since I was little. 14. I love Tim Burton movies. ~ I have yet to be disappointed in his work. 15. Anne Rice is my favorite author. ~ The source of my son's name: Marius.
16. My Chemical Romance is my favorite band. ~ I cried when they disbanded..... 17. I watch Ghost Adventures every Saturday. ~ I got to meet Zack in person! (He's in the middle.) 18. House of Night is my favorite book series. ~ A mother/daughter series. I've read them all!!! 19. I'm addicted to American Horror Story. ~ I've seen all 4 seasons and am now watching season 5 which just started in October. 20. I love MGM musicals. ~ I've been told I have an old soul because of this. My favorite is "Two Weeks With Love" starring Jane Powell. So there you have it!!! This is some of me lol.
@KellyOConnor @destiny1419 @Jiyongixoxo I love how I have things in common with all of you!!!!
@ArmyofKookie Hahaha crazy girl!!! @punkpandabear Nice!!!
@glo86 super cool! It's interesting to know some stuff behind the username LOL CREEP ALERT OK
@destiny1419 lol yeah the covers are similar but you should watch it it's amazing
@Jiyongixoxo I've never seen Sweeney Todd and I always get it mixed up with Edward Scissor Hands when I see the movie cover
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