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(Applause )TOP helps a fan once again! I was reading the article and its basically about TOP giving heartwarming advice to a fan. If you dont want to check the link to the original article it had said TOP wrote back tothe fan saying "Please cherish your dream. Be strengthened from it. Thank you for telling me about your concerns. I don't know exactly what to tell you but when you overcome your fears, please let me know. Because you're my fan, you'll do well. I'll be your fan too." This was encouraging for the fan and others too. I thought it was so kind and sweet of him I almost cried too. I hope he keeps on helping his fans and they will continue to support him.
He's such a wonderful person! You guys, I really really wanna cry. He's such an inspiration and I honestly don't think I've ever felt love for anyone like I do for him. It's weird, I know
Cute!! I love celebrities who love their fans and not just say it but show it. I think that's one of the huge reasons he's widely loved. If i could say anything to him for advice it would be nothing, and just to keep it up. I've only herd one of their song's but i have friends that are huge fangirls and its easy to understand why they like him that much.
Aaah this literally made me cry! Happy tears!! Especially this line -->"Because you're my fan, you'll do well. I'll be your fan too."