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IKON is back again with two fantastic songs. "Apology" and "Anthem". But Apology defintley stuck with me more. This song is just what I needed. For some reason I seen to like IKON's slow songs than fast. I also like the black and white theme they had throughout both videos :)

Junhoe feat. The Rest Of Ikon

This song really highlighted Junhoe' s vocals and I just felt that he led the song for the other members. Every time he sang I just started crying...His voice just has this effect on me. I don't know if this is just my feelings or because he's my bias.
Was anybody else suprise when hey saw and jeard Chanwoo in this song or was that just me? eChanwoo finally got some spotlight in a song. He really does have a great voice. I hope we get to hear more of his voice soon. I knew he could sing..I just never had a chance to listen to it that much

How Do You Feel About IKON' Apology? Do You Prefer It Over Anthem Or Not? Tell Me Your Thoughts And Comments Below!! :)

Apology hit me hard. I've been junhoe biased since win so the fact that he started the song was a huge deal to me. His voice is perfect and so unique. I'm really glad chanwoo had legit lines in the song. I had no idea he could pull off that raspy voice! Anthem was great too. Double b killed it, as always.
both are great tunes I liked anthem the best
I actually really enojoyed this song! their others haven't really with me yet but this one is great ^^
It was nice to hear Chanwoo and June! I'm still deciding on which one I liked the most because both of these releases were really great!
I was so happy to hear Chanwoo actually sing lines and not just NaNaNaNaNa >蠅< And junhoe's voice had me on the floor crying >_<
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