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Fan Art Compilation #1

This first set has Jing King of Bandits, Orginization XIII, Link of Hyrule, and Jinx from Teen Titans.
These two are of Rin and Coud, the first is a close up and the second is a romantic embrace.
Here you will find Naruto, Naruto as a chibi fox, and an Anbu Kakashi.
Last but not least you'll find Grim jr. and his sister Mini Mandy.
@ButterflyBlu These are a lot of my older works lol a lot of my newer ones are original concepts xD
for those interested here's a link to my D.A. Portfolio http://the-cartoon-kid.daportfolio.com/
@shannonl5 Definitely kept me going xD
@MichaelOgg that's so great! I'm glad she's supportive, that makes all the difference sometimes :D
@shannonl5 Yea she rocks lol she's really supported my dream of being an animator but we all gotta start somewhere XP that's why I need to make my comic work xD
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