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I always wondered why ppl were so scared of this thing. Haha now I know why. I feel super late on this anime tho. But Ima guy so I feel safe but any girl out there-plz do not accept this things contract. If you know why then forget what im sayn to u-but if u haven't got a clue then watch (puella magi madoka magica:Begennings) Tell me: would you or would you not accept the contract? I really wanna know-?
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my dad watched that anime and told me all about it and I'm perfectly good staying a hundred miles away from thing
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I would only accept a contract if it was the only way to save my friends and the world from certain death
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I'm a guy, but if I could... yeah. The good I could do would dad outweigh my life, I'm a logical person that way, my life for ten (or more) others, I'd do it. But Kyoko did say "Wishes should never be used for other people, it never ends well." So Kyubey might screw it up and hurt more people than he saves.
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you die either way because if you accept you could turn into a witch but if you dont you vould get killed by the witch that showed at the end of the episode
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If u see it or even think you've seen it, run away like hell!
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