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I'm with the 72% that think Goffu (Goku and Luffy). Would beat Super Thor. Does anyone think differently and if so, why?
@OGv6FATE Ik and frezze breath and lazerbeams with thor scares me
@S92pk in regards to the hammer if anyone could lift it it would be goku if you think about it. He is more than pure of heart and worthy.
@JuanGonzalez101 yes but not to poeple there fighting and he hasnt mastered the haki now if he had shanks level then it would be game over
@Bakuman247 and the hammer they could just dropp it on them and then they couldnt move and then say bye bye goffu lol and lets agree to disagree cuz we could go back and forth
@shannonl5 crap idk two gods vs rubber and a god in his own right goku. Well thor's powers are nothing here in this fight due to luffy. So thats two on one essentially and Goku has the capacity to beat superman i believe honestly so i'd side with Goffu. He has an advantage for sure.
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