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This has to be by far my favorite movie of all time. I must have seen it over hundred times. (No exaggeration). I can recite the movie verbatim. It stars a cast of great actors Joe Pesci Robert Dinero Ray Liotta Directed by The great a awesome Martin Scorsese. Based on a true story.
When ever I'm channel surfing and I come across that movie, I will put it on. So now I'm curious my Vingle friends. Is there a movie whenever you are channel surfing and you stumble upon it, you watch? No matter if you seen it hundreds of times and your family is tired of watching you, watch the movie. Goodfellas is mine ;)
@alywoah This movie is AMAZING!! It's also so funny in certain scenes. At the end, where he's making the sauce and everything is falling apart, but the Italian in him just can't stop thinking about the sauce... so funny. Man, I really love this movie too @karencorchado :) For me, it's gotta be the Harry Potter movies 鈥撀爄f I'm channel surfing and they come on, then they're staying on ^_^
YES. this movie is fantastic. Probably one of my favorite favorite Scorsese films. It's got a lot of personality and surprising humor. Great card.
@AlloBaber I began watching and Harry Potter, but I think I got up to part 4. I want to watch the rest. And yes the Goodfellas did have funny scenes. 馃榿
It is the best. If you're into mafia movies, this is it. @alywoah
I am the worrssstt. I need to watch it
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