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Novel Challenge: What Is The Bravest Moment In Literature ?
So I've fallen head first back into the black whole that is fan fiction (@shannonl5 I can feel you jumping up and down from here.) But it reminded me about one of the bravest moments in literary history.

The moment when Hermione Granger obliviates her parents to save their lives.

And that is the bravest thing I have ever read. Because obliviating her parents means she will never exist to the people who gave her life. Her first loves. The people who cried during her first steps, who threw her a birthday every year, who sat with her every single minute she was sick. The people who will love her no matter what, who always took her side. She doesn't exist to them anymore.
She made herself an orphan in the worst possible way just to keep them alive.
And that is the bravest, most heart wrenching thing I have ever read. Because giving up everything for those you love is bravery.

So my fellow book lovers I need to know...What is your "bravest moment in literary history?!?!

Make a card about the moment and tagg me in it!! This way we can gush about books we love and even give each other new ones to read!
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