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Sword Art Online is the anime I started on, since then I have been trying to find one just like it, let me tell you something, that's hard! I love it so much, sometimes it had me screaming at my laptop while watching, others I was happily laughing with them, it was such a bummer when I found out SAO 2 was also on Netflix but in Japanese, maybe I'll try reading the subtitles? I finished SAO 1 all in 3 nights馃槀馃槏馃槏
@ShinigamiSan CrunchyRoll is free to use and you get most animes. I do pay for CrunchyRoll, but you can have a free account. The difference is that if you don't pay, you get the updated episodes later and you have ads. Otherwise, premium membership gives you an update on episodes only hours after it airs in Japan and there is no ads. I also checked and The Asterisk Wars is on CrunchyRoll with 8 episodes currently, though if you don't have a premium membership you can only currently watch episodes one through six. Hope this helped, and I definitely recommend CrunchyRoll!
OH!I downloaded this app on my laptop called anime tube and it has ALL OF THE ANIME EVAR IN ENGLISHHHHHH!!!!! I LOVE ITTTT!!!
@TreverMoon Is it? Idk, it might be. If crunchyroll is free, then I definitely need to get an account.
@vioLence There's an Anime that just came out from the same people that made SAO and it's called "Asterisk Wars" and it looks really cool but I can't watch it for free yet. If you're one of those who pays for a Netflix or Crunchyroll account, you might be able to see it.
So jelly of Kirito, Asuna is so beautiful.
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