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Sword Art Online is the anime I started on, since then I have been trying to find one just like it, let me tell you something, that's hard! I love it so much, sometimes it had me screaming at my laptop while watching, others I was happily laughing with them, it was such a bummer when I found out SAO 2 was also on Netflix but in Japanese, maybe I'll try reading the subtitles? I finished SAO 1 all in 3 nights馃槀馃槏馃槏
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OH!I downloaded this app on my laptop called anime tube and it has ALL OF THE ANIME EVAR IN ENGLISHHHHHH!!!!! I LOVE ITTTT!!!
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I have the manga app but last time I checked it didn't Have SAO on it馃槙
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Sao, SAO 2(on Netflix), Log Horizon (1&2), OverLord, uh.... Devil Part time is a funny one on netflix, ive watch most of the anime's on netflix and im starting on hulu
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oh but sao with subs is definitely worth watching if you love the sao characters
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so if suggestions are needed just let me know
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