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If anyone has seen my drawings they can see that I use a lot of geometric looking designs so if you get the feeling I like those are absolutely right. Kyoya has always been one of my favorite characters ever so it's not surprising I have like 8 more drawings of him laying around. I'll post them all. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Hibari Kyoya Filter: Sunset
Do you by any chance take requests? :D
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@Danse not really, but if I'm comfortable with the character I'll do it. What do you have in mind?
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Well... I was wondering if you'd be willing to try out Gintoki for me? From Gintama. >_> I understand if you don't want to try, but I think he'd be somewhat easy for you by the looks of your drawings so far. @SeoInHan
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@Danse Gintoki is hilarious. When I have time I'll try it out and if I like it I'll post it and tag you, is that cool?
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@SeoInHan Okay, if you do manage to draw it, please sign the drawing also. And yes, tag me. Thanks a bunch. :D I'm a complete Gin-san nut, so I'd love to have some fanart to add to my Folder. :D
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