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So, earlier today I posted the rules and the prize for what is going to be the last big giveaway of Nani November, something I have affectionately called the Nani November Thanksgiveaway.
So anyway, to kick it off, I want you all to respond to this question in your own card!! The question is:

What is your favorite fight in all of anime?

(As you might guess from my picture, my favorite fight was between Gaara and Kimimaro in Naruto.)
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okay @vinmccarthy can you check my first card to make sure is okay?
2 years ago·Reply
all the rest of you fresh animes i chose kenshin vs saito
2 years ago·Reply
@trenttboyett word, just saw it, clipped it
2 years ago·Reply
lord ainz owl gown vs
2 years ago·Reply
@vrockie shaltear
2 years ago·Reply