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So today I got asked, "Why do you even like Kpop?" And a few other Questions that a lot of Kpoppers probably get too. So I want to help with any of those questions, if you don't know how to answer them. Before I start if you have any more questions that I don't show just DM me and I will help.
Let's Begin.....! 1. Why do you like Kpop if you don't understand it? Answer: Because even though I don't understand, it doesn't mean it isn't worth appreciating? 2. Why do the guys where make up, are they gay? Answer: Maybe, and they look flawless with that makeup that even girls envy, back in the 80s they wore eyeliner and lip gloss here, so why can't they there? 3. Why do non-Koreans listen to Korean music? Answer: Why do non-Mexicans eat tacos? *then walk away* 4. How can you tell the members apart, they all look the same? Answer: Once you get to love it, it becomes easier and their voices, and looks become distinct. 5. Why are their so many people in one group? Answer: Think of them like superheroes, they each have a distinct talent that they bring to the group so when you put them together they make a group. Example: Super Junior, Exo, Seventeen 6. What is the deal with Aegyo? Answer: It is when an Idol shows his cute side that every fan girl and boy go crazy over. And it's adorable! 7. There not even original. Answer: You think Americans don't build on other peoples work? They wouldn't be singers if they didn't. 8. They probably have plastic surgery. Answer: Why do people always assume they have plastic surgery? What about all the Americans with plastic surgery? Don't talk about Koreans having plastic surgery if you don't even know them. 9. They are fake. Answer: Do fake people write their own songs? Come up with their own dance choreography? Work for hours to learn a dance? If that's fake then go get your head checked.
Those are just some things that I always have to answer. If I missed any you want to know DM me and I'll help. But no matter what people say always love Kpop if you want!! I am proud to be a Kpopper!!馃憤馃徎馃槤鉂わ笍馃槏
Number 3 is the best!
I busted out laughing on you reply for question 3
@btsgotshinee I agree!
This is so true on every level possible. It goes pass all levels. It's in a class of its own.
Number 3 should be my answer every time somebody makes fun of me for liking asian shows and music lol so thank you for writing that