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You were my ticking time bomb
Dangerous, subtle,
each glance a secret you hoped no one had noticed.
But once I saw you, I couldn't tear my eyes away,
like a fire, a miracle, car crash
you blinded me.
And when you exploded
you left nothing but carnage in your wake.
I still call myself stupid that I was surprised,
like a ticking time bomb
you left me to bleed out on the floor.
@ObscurePoet you inspired me to start writing more poetry on vingle. thanks for all your beautiful poems.
@LizArnone Oh my God! That's a huge huge compliment. And I'm glad if that's the case. You're a wonderful writer/poet. I could actually feel what you wanted to convey. Please keep on writing and posting. I'd love to read your thoughts. :)
@ObscurePoet we might have just became poet best friends :)