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Number one! Ikue Asazaki from Samurai Champloo. This anime is one of my all time favorites, I also think it's greatly underestimated. This song is extraordinarily touching, you don't have to know the meaning of the words for it to take you away. It's 100% one of the most beautiful songs I've heard in an anime.
For those of you that wish to know what the lyrics mean I have attached this video... it will probably make you cry... just a heads up... This was not hard for me to choose as it came to mind immediately.
The second one I am choosing is Sunday Without God OP. I really wish there was more to this anime... I really thought it was unique in a sea filled with anime that share the same plot. However I will most likely never get that second season.
Amidst the slightly depressing songs I squeeze in an OP that always made me smile :)
Lastly I am choosing Blood Plus' Third OP. I always enjoyed listening to it and unless I was in a hurry I never skipped it. It really set the mood for where the plot was going for this anime and that's really important for me. The OP needs to set the mood, if the OP is crap or sets a different mood I have a harder time getting into an anime.
This was in response to @littlemaryk 's Music Challenge post :) I was pretty excited to do this. Honestly there are a million more I would add but I will leave it here so I don't lose people lol. Also I like to tag random people in my posts a lot and it's been a while since I've had the time to really sit down and make a card. :)
For those I'm about to tag don't feel like you have to but do enjoy :)
I'll do this, sometime this week!
Jin is amazingg
blood +! to be honest I like all the opening songs from that show
You guys have very good taste in music! Aye, there's a free game on the PC and it's called OSU and it's a rhythm game for anime songs. You guys should play its so much fun
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