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Hey Guys! I'm participating in @VinMcCarthy giveaway and this is the first card of many I'm going to post for it! I recommend checking him out so you can participate as well!
My absolute favorite fight in all of anime has got to be Goku vs Majin Vegeta from DBZ. This was the Re-match we had been waiting for since season one. Both warriors have reached new levels of strength and are ready to settle the score. Seeing Vegeta doing whatever it takes to increase his power to defeat an opponent whom he never thought he'd be able to fight again. This high intense battle had some of my favorite lines in the series and the majin arc was by far my favorite.
Thanks for reading my card and have a great day! Ja ne
awesomesauce, dude!
For sure, I had actually thought about this battle before I settled on my choice of Vegeta vs Android 19.
Since Goku has become my second favorite character I had to choose this fight. Lol