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Shall I begin?
I'm beginning!
Super Junior was the first male K-Pop group that I heard. Long story short (some of you already know) 1D fandom lost an award and I wanted to know who E.L.F was so TA-DA I fell in love with K-Pop world
I live in Texas and I'm a first generation Mexican American :) BUT I can pass as a white girl. That's how white I am compared to Mexicans.
My UB is JACKSON WANG. He's just so UGHHHHH and I fell in love with him because of his laugh
Fact #4
I LOVE SINGING! Even though I sound like a dying straggled cat.....yes I am singing right now
Fact #5
I LOVE WRITING! I enjoying doing little imagines because that's all I do all day everyday in my head XD. No I'm not crazy thinking that Jackson can magically pop up and sweep me off my feet PSH whaaaaaa
Fact #6
I'm a summer baby, Cancer is my sign
Fact #7
I have social anxiety, but I'm getting over it with the help of Medical School; it's helping me be less afraid of talking.
Fact #8
I'm a total weirdo. If you ever met me you'd wish that there was an off button on my weirdness.
Fact #9
I enjoy watching super hero movies and playing video games. I LOVE THE HOBBIT AND LORD OF THE RING MOVIES!
Fact #10
I have 6 dogs; a Golden Retriever (Aleki), a Great Pyrenees (Luna), a German Shepherd (Zeus), a Belgium Shepherd (Maxi), a Yorkshire Terrier (Coco), and a Husky (Achilles).
Fact #11
I'm 18, 5'4" (I'm considered tall where I live it sucks!), and I have dirty blonde hair or light brown hair.
Fact #12
I'm currently writing a K-Drama; I just started about a week ago.
Fact #13
My favorite girl group song, at the moment, is CRAZY by 4Minute
Fact #14
When I'm driving or if I'm going on a road trip OH you better believe a live performance is about to happen. CONGRATS! You got front row seats to my debut concert.
FACT #15
My favorite YOUTUBER is JREKML! He is so hilarious I just love his reactions! I stay up at night just watching his videos; and his cousin KML is just so UGH so beautiful! She cracks me up with her VIXX reactions because I know that I must look like her when I fangirl.
FACT #16
My bias maknae is the one and only GOLDEN MAKNAE, JEON JUNGKOOK!!!! Kookie is so cute! He caught my attention is DOPE I was like I want him! But I can't have him because I'm his noona. Even GOOGLE knows who the GOLDEN MAKNAE is lol
Fact #17
I ship MARKSON more than I ship myself with Jackson; and that's because I wish I was able to magically talk/ hangout/ date Jackson.
Fact #18
I enjoy acting, but I'm camera shy lol so I can't pursue that dream
Fact #19
I love fictional books if I'm not writing I'm reading; and if I'm not doing either of those I'm watching K-Dramas
The only K-Idol I call Oppa is Leeteuk of Super Junior because I can't say his name correctly. Plus even if he's like 14 years older than me I'd still date him, because he's funny, adorable, and he has a unique laugh like Jackson.
DONE! Finished @FujiYumi challenge! Now all I need is @btsgotshinee @annabelleimiri & @Meeshell and @LexTay327
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yay I'm a cancer too!! when's your birthday? and we are the same on the singing and concerts part haha
on the 20th . my best friend's is on the 15th! that's awesome ^.^
@nenegrint14 no way haha I've only known of one person that has the same birthdate as me but he was born a year before me