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So another cool challenge from @littlemaryk merges! I have tons of anime songs i adore but these are amongst my top 3!
NO RAIN NO RAINBOW - Homemade Kazoku. This song means the world to me honestly. Taken from the 2nd naruto movie Bonds this song alone got me through the death of my best friend around the same the time the movie debuted. The idea is in life there is always going to be pain but your perspective can dictate how far you fall into depression vs personal growth. Without the rain and hard times what is a rainbow and the good times. We need to go through hell to know how to appreciate the little things. This song made me strong
SEN NO YORU KOETE BY AQUA TIMEZ THIS SONG IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE ANIME SONG BY MY ALL TIME FAVORITE J-Rock band AQUA TIMEZ! I started learning Japanese based off of this song. The real purpose behind the song is having the courage and ability to admit to yourself you are in love with a person so much so that you would let them go if necessary and have faith they will return or be happy when the find the true love of another knowing you too will find love along that path if not them. This song basically speaks of true love and how it should be. I have had a love like the one described by this song after dreaming about it for years after hearing this song. To be honest without this song she and i may not even be talking today. All is fear in love and war love with all your heart and regret none of it no matter what the outcome is; there is a life lesson to be learned. This song stems from Bleach either the series or the second movie i can't remember honestly lol but it is Bleach! Its been some years lmao!
HIKARI NO ROCK - SAMBOMASTER This is one of my favorite J-Rock songs to jam along with by one of the best punk rock funk outfits in j-rock Sambomaster. Now it translate into rock of light and i believe the song is overall just about losing yourself in the beauty and art of expression through music as the song pleads with you to release i am playing expressing how i changed over the years so you can as well. We dont have to be stuck in our fears and the consequences of a few poor choices. We could rise out of the depression and regret and become so much more when we embrace the message and deeper context/lessons behind the situations. This one comes from Bleach the second movie so that means the one from before is from the series haha see figured it out! Ha but enjoy
i like dragon ball z songs hahah
Japanese music isn't Indie
It's so hard to choose but nonetheless I am excited to see your selection @shannonl5 !
ooooh awesome! I have so many haha
btw I really love you choices. I might just download a couple.
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