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Hm, well my first card, so I hope y'all like it! My favorite fight in any anime is probably the one that didn't happen. This is kinda weird, but this 'fight' is in Fairy Tail during the Grand Wizard Games when its the Fairy Tail combined team and just Sting is left against them in the finals.
The team is bruised and beaten, but they are there to fight for their NAKAMA, their FAMILY! So, there they are, bleeding, exhausted, and they stand together, holding hands going 'we may be at our physical end here, but we'll stand here for our guild and face whatever comes our way, no matter what! '
And as if that wasn't awesome enough, the 'bad guy' in this fight doesn't get slaughtered; he actually understands....he realizes what he is or should be fighting for. And Lector shows up and they both break down, because the 'bad guy' was fighting for his comrades too! I also have to wonder if Sting didnt learn a little of what Gildarts showed Natsu in their fight, (the best quote of all time, btw) that "Fear is not weakness. It lets us know what our weaknesses are; and omce we know that, we can become stronger, as well as kinder.' I think Sting may have gotten the full force of such a fear and understood a little of that, when he thought Lector was gone forever and when the battered Fairy Tail team stood up to him, FOR their comrades. And that has let him, the 'bad guy'l', not get beaten to a pulp, but to become stronger and kinder! Thats a pretty epic 'not-quite-a-' fight scene, if you ask me!
@VinMcCarthy, is this how I should do the cards?
@Kirik yeah, exactly! awesome choice btw!
ichigo and ryouzaki