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Only one word can be used to describe this song: HOT. (or two words: HIP THRUST) Really, though, all I could say after watching the video initally was, "Damn."
Every single one of the guys looks great here, and there's a fire in their gazes that hasn't really been present before. And the song is amazing from start to finish, every line, every note...perfection. VIXX is truly a group that only gets better with time.
Also, Ravi had a hand in composing/writing a lot of this album...I think he's an idol to watch.
But I know what you're really here for...IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME AT LAST!!! In order to be eligible to win a copy of "Chained Up" (the full album), all you have to do is subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave a comment on this video (on YouTube, not Vingle/Tumblr) and tell me what you liked/disliked about my series and why. Is that vain, making it about me? Probably. Eh. I'll pick one person on December 1st, and sadly, that will be the end of my series...for VIXX, anyway.
Any idea which group I should do next?
PS: I can't wait for a dance practice for this video to be released...I think we all want to see Leo's hip thrust solo in all its' glory.
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I can't wait to actually check this video's waaaay too late at night currently XD