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Hey guys, I wanted to talk to my fellow Latino community members about hot topics. (Anyone else can join too, of course!) There are so many things I'd like to talk about, and I want to talk about it with all of you. <3
So I will be doing these discussions everyday. Some will be topics that are brought up, thought up about, or things I have been curious about for a very long time.
You can create discussions yourself, too. :-)

What Do You Think About Latino Men From Specific Latin American Countries (Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, ect.)

What were you experience with them? I see different opinions on them: some good, some bad. I want to know how you feel about them as a partner.
Um... Well, it depends. Myself, personally, my mother(with slight help from my father) taught me how the basics on how to be the perfect gentleman and treat everybody, particularly females, with respect. I am a 20 year old straight male whose parents are both Mexican and Filipino. Both are the third generation in the United States. I don't have a set "preference". Unless considering "smoking" and "partying" and "social media Whoring" and "real life Whoring" and being "perpetually unexclusive" is considered a preference. Then I totally have a preference lol There are things that I like, but nothing that they HAVE to have. I've been attracted to a myriad of different looking, sounding and thinking people lol My... Dating record isn't exactly the best, but none of them have ever had any complaints of not being treated correctly. If anything, that's the problem haha My ex girlfriend actually told me that I'm too kind and giving and respectful of a person to ever be with somebody. Which, is quite interesting. With most kids around my age, I'm not exactly the ideal person to be with. I notice most of the compliments on my demeanor and upbringing come from older people, usually from 35-78. At work, I have returning customers who don't buy anything from the store, unless I'm there to help them and talk them through it. I know that's not dating, but it's still a relationship, you know? Haha Anywho, I feel like the... Americanized Latinos are the ones who give a bad name. I know quite a few people who won't date Mexicans, due to the fact of how disrespectful and uncaring they are. While a few may not be a representative for the communities, it's becoming more and more problematic where I live. I will also throw in that it's all about upbringing... Regardless of nationality, it's about knowing/being taught morals and having common sense, and having an open mind. I hope this answered your question and that it makes sense lol I kind of just started typing!
Wanna add to the discussion? I am unsure of everyone's preference, sexual or otherwise, but it would be nice to hear some input. It can be from your own personal experience, or from what you've heard from other people. @TessStevens @Allobaber @JordanHamilton @ssantiago0911 @Jazziejazz @Karencorchado @Amobigbang @Lavonyork @Luci546 @TylerOrtega @gypsyrose @Brunodutch @Butterflyblu @AnnahZaragoza @aaxbo @Arellano1052 @Jibarito @Jiyongixoxo @edwey66 @jessicacruz1480 @purplem00n23 @ariannagorniak1 @edwinb94 @kpopgaby @Lavonyork
So I tried to come up with a response to this, and half way through, I realized I was being super biased. Hard question for me to answer. I could talk about myself, but I feel like that would be too egotistical in a way, so I will say this, I believe there's a bit of everything in every race, what will make the man stand out from the rest will be his upbringing, cultural background (this goes back to the point on native v US born), and his character. To conclude, I shall declare that we Latinos, are the adobo you were searching for in your love life (totally kidding, not really 馃槉)
@fashionfantasy2 ouch. O.O Strange. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I guess some men have their own agenda.
I've only ever dated Latinos simply cause I'm a Latina and I somehow only attract them... I can't say anything bad about them, though, but as for this Dominican guy I went on a date with once... he was a total gentleman, opened doors for me, bought me food, "ladies first" idea... but then I asked him a few days later how he felt and he said he doesn't like me that way. A few weeks later, he texted me for a bit and he called me to his car during my break at work and I thought we were just gonna talk, but he asked if I wanted to [do some sexual things] and after I told him no and left, that was the last time I ever spoke to him.
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